Is there any way to sleep more fragrant?

The following 10 simple tips can help you overcome insomnia and make you sleep more and more fragrant: 1.

Don’t oversleep. Don’t sleep desperately because nothing happens at night.

If sleeping for a few days like this will break your biological clock, it will be difficult for you to fall asleep at night.


Healthy Sexual Life Sexual life is a method known to alleviate stress at night.

A healthy sex life can boost your feelings, relax your body, and it’s good for sleep.


Avoid alcohol as a good medicine to make you fall asleep and avoid drinking late at night. It is generally believed that drinking before bed can help sleep, but in fact, in the beginning, alcohol may indeed cause sedative effects, but in the long run, alcohol will produceMany alternatives that are harmful to sleep.


Decorate your bedroom and bed so that they are only related to sleep and sex. Do n’t eat, watch TV or read a book in bed.

Although these things help some people to sleep, they also give the brain a subconscious mind: the bed is not a place to sleep, which can make you sleepless.


Try to give up your lunch break. If you have the habit of taking a lunch break or snoring, and you want to fall asleep more easily and sleep well at night, then you can try to quit lunch break first and see what happens.


Don’t worry about lack of sleep. Try not to worry about how long you can sleep. This worry can cause insomnia to fall into a bad cycle. This is called “conscious insomnia”. It happens when you are very worried about whether you can getWhen enough sleep.


Don’t force yourself to fall asleep If you try to force yourself to fall asleep, you will often wake yourself up and it will be difficult to fall asleep again.


Just go to bed when you are really tired and tired, and go to bed when you are not sleepy. In addition to wasting time, you will spend more time falling asleep.


Don’t always look at the alarm clock Many people have this habit. When they can’t sleep, they have to look at a few, always counting subconsciously to sleep for several hours.

This encourages worry and makes it harder to fall asleep.


Warm up before going to bed Some studies have found that keeping your body warm before going to bed, such as taking a hot bath, can make you fall asleep easily.