Detailed explanation of three skin cleansing steps

Must-read for oily / combination skin.

hzh {display: none; }  ☆STEP 1 温水初扫除  油性/混合性肌肤需用温水而非冷水,使毛孔吐出更多脏东西,并利于洗面乳发挥功效。Rinse off large particles of dust or dirt initially, and avoid damaging the skin during makeup removal massage.

  ☆ STEP 2 Spiral Dance is replaced with makeup remover suitable for the skin, massage and remove the dirt on the skin without any makeup.

The face and retina should be carefully massaged, especially in a spiral circle from the outside to the inside of the nose to prevent blackheads.

  ☆ STEP 3 facial cleanser massage When using foam-type facial cleanser or cleansing mousse, gently massage the T-shaped part with foam for less than 1 minute.

  ☆ Step 4 Rinse hot and cold alternately Rinse with warm water and cold water repeatedly until it is completely washed.

If you still feel inadequate cleaning, use an additional cleanser.

When you feel rough skin, you can even use the facial cleanser 3 times. After washing, the skin is fresh and soft.

  ☆ STEP 5 tightens the pores and cleans the skin with toner, while balancing the skin pH (pH), and then uses shrink water to condition the large pores.

  Tip: The alternating warm and cool water cleaning method is particularly suitable for oily skin, but you must not let the temperature difference be too large.

Some people like to cover their face with a hot towel, thinking that it can open the pores, but such strong stimulation will only accelerate the skin aging.

  Must-read for medium / dry, dehydrated skin ☆ STEP 1 removes and protects the skin. For dry, dehydrated skin, you should use a makeup remover made of high levels of vitamins A and E, and vegetable oils.

After removing makeup, a moist protective film can be formed on the skin surface.

  ☆ Step 2 Lifting Rhythmic Gymnastics All the circular massage movements should be directed obliquely upward to ensure the lifting effect.

Never use force when rotating downwards.

  ☆ Step 3 Rinse with cold water Rinse repeatedly with cold water until thoroughly washed.

Cold water protects the natural oil layer on the skin surface and locks in moisture.

  ☆ STEP 4 moisturizing and balancing to apply moisturizing lotion immediately after cleansing. If you use a paper film for a short time, it will be more effective for hydrating and restoring normal skin pH.

  Tip: After washing, I still think that the moisturizing facial cleanser is best for medium-dry skin in winter, but it should be washed several times to prevent the residual dirt from affecting the penetration of subsequent care products.

  Sensitive skin must read ☆ STEP 1 Before washing, test the first use of cleansing products, and you should do the adaptation test first.

Apply a small amount on the wrist or behind the ears, and use it within 2 hours without adverse reactions.

  ☆ Step 2 Makeup Remover Be careful. Makeup remover should be selected without chemical ingredients such as alcohol, fragrance, pigment, and mild.

Makeup removal time should not be too long.

  ☆ STEP 3 cleansing and gently massage the thoughts of the granular cleansing milk. Sensitive skin should not use scrubbing products to remove dead skin. Do not apply too much force when washing your face.

  ☆ STEP 4 cold water can be rinsed with cold water, and the cleaning time should not be too long.

Finally apply a lotion instead of wiping it with a cotton pad.

  ☆ Step 5 Carefully take care of skin sensitivity after washing. Do not over nourish. Pure natural plant skin care products are the best choice. Brands in this category include CLARINS, Avene, DHC, FANCL, etc.

  Tips: In addition to eliminating sensitive hazards from cleaning, we must always maintain a happy mood, good sleep and positive mental construction, which can help us stay away from sensitive skin and return to a healthy state.