Evaluation of six extreme whitening spots

Sun exposure, hormones, cosmetics, and medications can cause melanin pigmentation and darken skin tone.

Especially in summer, it will lead to the fragile and severe “black test” of our fragile skin.

Winter is here, it’s a good time for us to carry out targeted skin care. This time, we will introduce six whitening and spotting products, which are more precious than gold and the results are very satisfying.

Secret weapon for skin whitening!


hzh {display: none; }  Tips:  假如是敏感肌肤,最好控制淡斑产品的使用次数。  Topical blemish products are best used only on spots, and are not recommended for full face application.

  Skin with blemish products must pay special attention to the transformation of sun protection.

Some ingredients are likely to cause new stains when exposed to light.

  The formation of some spots is precisely the pigmentation caused by incomplete makeup removal.

Therefore, if you use a blemish product with a covering effect, you must thoroughly clean it according to the standard for removing makeup.

  Keliyan La Colline Key Spot Brightening Whitening Essence Specification: 15ml Reference Price: 1192 yuan Soothing, real-time concealing spots and blemishes, high-quality whitening essence containing 4 powerful lightening ingredientsThe complex Lumiskin, a stable vitamin C, extracted from the fruit acids of white grapefruit and lemon, and the essence of white tea leaves), fully coordinate with each other, significantly inhibit the metabolism of pigment cells, and click back to return pigmentation and wrinkles, so that the complexion is white and uniform.

In addition, the refined formula with concealing effect can instantly diminish the color and wrinkles of sulfate, plus the additional protection of sunscreen factors, make skin tone more visible and even, perfect and bright.

  Recommended reason: Satsuki / 25-year-old mixed skin Swiss high-end product. My mother has been using this product for 3 years and the skin has been very good. Using this essence can inhibit long spots, and the effect of even skin tone is also obvious.

The spotted products are generally expensive to be effective, which is the last word.

  Yi Ting Shi Intensive Whitening Cleansing Essence.

hzh {display: none; }  规格30ml   参考价:430元   日本专业美白往斑药妆,伊婷诗美白精华针对性提出了“深层三段式美白”新概念, 促使玄色素还原,抑制玄色素天生, Accelerating the metabolism of black pigment three levels of whitening is the mechanism of action of the brand, linoleic acid S and other components break down or inhibit tyrosinase, and solve the root transformation of black pigment.

In addition, polyamide antagonists can reduce overall glucoside levels, eliminate anti-melanocyte growth factors, and reduce the innate pigmented cells; vitamin C front conductors can reduce already innate pigmented pigments; vitamin A acids can promote epidermal metabolism and accelerate pigmented pigments.Displacement; product ingredients act on the process of the formation of black pigment and jade, from a comprehensive solution to the penetration of skin transformation brought by black pigment.

  Recommended reason: LUCY_ / 33-year-old mixed sensitive skin is particularly well absorbed on the skin, and the moisturizing effect is also good. I am a spot, although the area is not large, but it is actually the most difficult to drop, a setAfter the product came down, the spots on both ends really faded, and the complexion became obviously white. At that time, it was a special surprise. After 2 consecutive sets of products were used, the spots were faded to the point where it was no longer visible.

And my Minpi is not allergic, great!

  Chanel whitening blemish pen.

hzh {display: none; }  规格:10ml   参考价:760 元   独特的滚珠笔状设计可针对局部细小的斑点。   The whitening light spot pen is expected to super concentrated “Xuan pigment sleep complex”, which can directly correct the whitening active factor on the natural part of the stain.

The clever design of the metal ballpoint pen makes it easy to sweep away the delicate spots around the eyes, cheeks, neck, chest, and even the back of the hand.

  100% alcohol-free and fragrance-free gel-like transparent solid, so that it will not leave any “trace” on your skin at all.

This compact and portable skin care product is a must-have in your carry-on bag when you travel, and can meet any daytime needs.

  Recommended reason: yunyun / 32-year-old neutral skin has been used for four months, the effect of blemish is very good.

After rubbing it, it is easily absorbed by the skin. It is not obvious after a short period of use. After 4 months of continuous use, the spots on the cheeks are lightened, but the price is really luxurious.

  FANCL Whitening Freckle Mask.

hzh {display: none; }  规格:3片装   参考价:160 元   持续型维生素C诱导体,配合淡斑精华AC White,并增加了SVCT美白精华,加倍提升美白气力,淡化玄色素有效淡化已形成Stains and spots.
  Lactobacillus bifidus defense inhibits the formation of dark spots and speckles and promotes skin renewal.

  Licorice components induce the body, aloe vera extract can effectively repair and calm the skin, and quickly provide first aid for the skin.

  The two types of application are suitable for the eye skin, which can “cover the eye skin at the same time” and can be changed into “double whitening eye mask”.

  Recommended reason: Jiajia / 26-year-old oily skin is really effective when it is just used. After about 15 minutes of application, the complexion becomes bright and dull.

However, after using it for a long time, the skin may be somewhat tolerated, which is not as obvious as it was at first, but overall it is a very good product.

  Biotherm BIOTHERM Pure Whitening and Brightening Spot Essence.

hzh {display: none; }  规格:15ml   参考价:480 元   净萃透白致颜淡斑精华乳让美白效果更加深进。Specially formulated to target stubborn stains inside the skin, making the whitening effect more accurate.   Whitening Spots Essence combines a new generation of vitamin C-SMA, detoxifying complex and PTP.

Vitamin C-SMA eliminates dark spots that are deeply embedded in the cells and helps block the reappearance of dark spots. Procystein can stimulate natural metabolism and eliminate black pigments.

PTPTM can truly activate the vitality of skin cells from the core of the skin, strengthen the skin’s own defense, and prevent the black pigment from being born again for a long time, making the white complexion more durable and moving.

  Recommended reason: MIni / 28-year-old neutral oily skin like a light spot essence. I have a lot of sunburn around my nose on my face. After using it for two weeks, my skin became whiter and my spots were significantly less.

  SK-II Bai Jinghuan Freckle Freckle.

hzh {display: none; }  规格30g   参考价:780元   SK-II升级版唯白晶焕祛斑精华液,特含“焦点胜肽科技”能感应基底膜损害程度,智能锁定玄色素沉积比较严重的部分,Focus on disintegrating the accumulation of mysterious pigments; at the same time, the “intelligent penetration formula” allows the whitening essence to be absorbed faster, so that the full-color skin can quickly and accurately reach a uniform whitening state.

  Recommended reason: WENDY_ / 31-year-old mixed skin, the whitening effect is very obvious. In the past, it was only used in small packages. Now it has a large package, which is a happy thing.

After using many brands of whitening essences, this one from SK-II is as effective as possible, recommended, highly recommended!