[Does you eat a lot in the morning will be fat]_ eat too much _ influence

Everyone knows that people take food as their day, so breakfast is a very important first meal. Many people think that breakfast is not necessary to eat so well. This is just after breakfast and lunch and dinner. Just eat lunch and dinner.A higher nutritional value must be good for the body. In fact, eating a nutritious breakfast, even has the benefit of not getting fat, and can promote digestion.

1. First, chop the green onion and add a small handful of celery. If there is no celery in the house, you can also add coriander. 2. Add a small piece of laver, add a spoonful of salt, and pour two bowls of water into the pot.3. After the water is boiled, blanch two spoons to blanch the ingredients, and turn the eggs into an egg; 4. After the eggs are solidified, turn white and cook for another three minutes on medium-low heat, and then cook a small amount of noodles.Clear water, boil again, and cook for three rolls, then you can get out of the pan; 5. Put the poached egg on the boil, then drizzle some sesame oil, and the breakfast noodles are ready.

In addition, in the process of preparing breakfast, you need to know that the following foods are not suitable for breakfast.

1. After getting up in the morning, the ice drink is still in a fragile state. If you suddenly drink a lot of cold drinks, this temperature difference will greatly stimulate the inhalation tract and cause sudden contraction.

The best way to stimulate the stomach is to drink a cup of warm water of about 200 ml.

2, pineapple pineapple contains strong enzymes, eating on an empty stomach will hurt the stomach, its nutritional components must be better absorbed after eating, and eating pineapple after meals can also help digestion.

3. In addition to potassium that aids in sleep, bananas also contain a large amount of magnesium. If eaten on an empty stomach, it will cause a sudden increase in magnesium in the blood, and magnesium is one of the sensitive elements that affects heart function.

Avoid the above three foods for breakfast. I also recommend that you make breakfast light.

Breakfast too greasy will cause a burden on the body and will lead to high blood lipids.

Breakfast is still more suitable for a light but full-fledged diet, with as few fried foods as possible.

Some people like to eat churros for breakfast. It is recommended not to eat too much at a time, and try to eat it only once a week to make your body healthier.