Chinese medicine tells you a good way to keep your eyes open

Chinese medicine believes that the eye is closely related to the internal organs and meridians of the body. Based on clinical practice, ancient medical scientists have summarized many alternative and effective ways to raise eyesight. Now we have introduced several eye care methods as follows: ironing method.

After getting up at dawn, rub your hands against each other. After rubbing your hands, press your palms against your eyes. Repeat three times, and then take your food. Put your middle finger gently into the eyeball or around the eyeball.

  Run the eye method.

Keep your feet apart from your shoulders, your chest protruding and your head up.

Keep your eyes wide and try to keep the eyeballs moving (with your head still). Turn 10 times from right to left and 10 times from left to right.

Then stop, relax the muscles, and repeat the above exercise 3 times.

This method is best performed in the garden in the morning, and it can refresh the eyes and improve eyesight.

  Head down.

Take off your body in squatting position, use your hands to hold your two feet and five toes, and pull them up slightly. Try to lower your head when you are strong.To guide the role of nutrition ears and eyes.

  Exhalation method.

Sit upright with your lower back, inhale slowly with your nose. When you wait for your breath, hold your nostril with your right hand, close your eyes tightly, and exhale slowly with your mouth.

  Fold fingering.

Every day, every morning and evening, do the flexion and extension exercise of bending inwards with a small finger and then moving backwards.

30 for each pass?
50 times and knead with thumb and forefinger 50-100 times at the base of the little finger outside.

This method can be used to sit, stand, and lie, and insist on doing it often. It can not only raise the brain and eyesight, but also have a certain effect on those with cataract and other eye diseases.

  The above methods can be done alone or as a substitute for one or two of them.