Do you have “Furong employees” around you?

Sister Furong’s self-portrait and narcissistic text with “a charming face and a sexy figure” went all over the country and the Internet overnight, followed by the chrysanthemum sister and brother Furong.
Public opinion’s comment on Sister Furong is generally “super narcissistic”, but there are also analysis that the key word of Sister Furong is not “narcissism” but “performance”.
  No matter narcissistic personality or performance personality, their common feature is: super self-centeredness, using exaggerated performances and behaviors to attract the attention of others, and such other people’s attention and praise become their inner needs and motivation.
  In fact, we have to admit the fact that each of us has a narcissistic side and a loving side, but it’s just a different way and degree of performance.
From this perspective, looking around us, Sister Furong can be found everywhere in the office.
  芙蓉员工之――自恋者独自走江湖  在组织中,依据员工的不同特点和行为模式,可以将之划分成不同的类型,老虎型、猫头鹰型、变色龙型……当然其中少不了的一种类型是Narcissistic, peacock-like expression of love.
  Hibiscus expressed: “I have a small mirror on my table, I like to take pictures from time to time, and even at meetings, I can’t help but take out the small mirror that I carry with me to admire myself, and then show a satisfied smile”It ‘s all like a costume demonstration. The favorite thing to do is to raise your head in front of the crowd when the unit is in a meeting, and twist the model to wave across the city. ”“ This handsome man is better than Pan An, always talking to youHave a strong sense of superiority, feel that the whole unit is the best.
If you look at him more, he thinks you are more interesting to him; if you talk to him more, he feels that you are arrogating with him.
Performance analysis: Either call them peacocks or call them flowers and butterflies, usually they are the special scenery in the unit and the center of people ‘s gossip.
It is undeniable that without them, the story of the office would be much more boring.
In a sense, employees who can only work hard and need to relax and adjust, just like the students of Peking University Tsinghua University for Postgraduate Research.
  Remedy: “However, this type of person is often not welcomed by colleagues in an organization and team.
Moreover, they are often considered flashy and incompetent.
Because most people will identify with people who are close to their own thinking and behavior patterns, and naturally dislike people who are different.
This type of peacock-type employee needs to choose the right position and organization. Sales, public relations, advertising, and entertainment are more suitable for them. It is difficult to find a place for them in some traditional and not very open organizations.
Moreover, people like them are more like martial arts high-powered lone knights walking alone, and they cannot become generals who can lead soldiers to fight.
Qiu Xiaowen, vice president of the value-added department of Power Communication Enterprise, analyzed how to better use peacock-type employees like Sister Furong in the organization.
  Looking at Furong employees from the other side-performance is valuable. If you ask the question: “Is Sister Furong so hot in the United States in the same way?
“People of different backgrounds have different answers.
The answer given by Yuan Yue, chairman of the zero survey company with Harvard experience, is no.
  ”Everything is performed in the United States. Americans, from young leaders to presidents, need to perform.
The people who perform best and those who tout themselves will be recognized.
Therefore, Sister Furong’s behavior does not seem so prominent, and naturally cannot attract such strong attention from others.
In Yuan Yue ‘s opinion, Sister Furong’s own meaning is not great, but it reflects a kind of social deviation-whether the old generation or the new generation who grew up on the Internet really have few opportunities to get performance, but rightFor various manifestations, the recognition mechanism of the whole society is not ready.
  In his opinion, “self-performance” has a very important value in the workplace. At first, they can attract attention and make themselves stand out from other beings. Second, people who know how to perform will get more resources, and these resources are likelyWill exceed their own strength.
When everyone in an organization is willing to fully express themselves, you can reduce labor costs and do your best.
“And such performing organizations often break tradition and old rules and create new fashions.
“From this point of view, it is not that Sister Furong has performed too much, but that most people are too bad at performing; it is not that there are too many performing people like Sister Furong, but too few.
“Yuan Yue this.
  There is also a manager of the human resources department of a company that shares the same view with Yuan Yue. He told reporters that during the recruitment this year, many graduates did very well, but they will be very nervous during the interview.The performance was not shown.
However, there was a girl who was not outstanding in her looks, but she did not show up at all during the interview, and she gave her a chance from hundreds of people.
  The advantages of Hibiscus employees in the workplace-the “new and new ‘I’ generation” tests the manager. Even though she is 28 years old, Sister Furong has been sought after and surrounded by a generation of Tsinghua North University students.
“This is a new generation of ‘I’. What we need is self-expression and self-actualization.
This is the necessity of human liberation and a phenomenon of progress.
“Guo Zhanxu, CEO of Shenzhen Exhibition Power Recruiting Company, believes that, unlike the older generation, they are no longer obedient, obedient, and well-managed in the organization, but more to do what they want.
  ”My site is my decision”, “The more educated generation will show more self-confidence and narcissism in the workplace. Accordingly, the organization should be more diverse.
Guo Zhanxu shared his views.
  “这也要求我们对管理者和组织不能在是那种等级森严的组织结构,管理者也不能是权威家长式的,而应该是沟通型、互动型的,从更高的层次考验管理者‘尊重、同理、沟通’的能力。”Yuan Yue said.