Alternative fitness makes you stronger

Running on the sand: more whiter running on the sand can stimulate the soles of the feet.

Jogging on the fine grain of sand can stimulate adrenal tissues, promote hormone secretion, and make the skin fair and shiny.

And it is best to choose after the hot bath, because the foot after the hot bath is more sensitive to the transmission of “signal” in the body.

  Reminder: In addition to sand, smooth pebbles are also a good choice.

  Inverted: Decompression of an organ is an inverted posture for the human body.

When the head of each body is inverted, the pressure on the organs is weakened or eliminated, and the muscles in some parts are loosened, and the blood quickly flows to the head.

It can improve the preventive effect on various diseases caused by the cause, improve blood circulation, enhance visceral function, and improve the fitness effect of relaxed muscles.

  Reminder: 1.

Ask someone for help at the beginning.


It’s really difficult to complete. Don’t force it.


Be careful not to hurt your hands.


Cardiovascular disease should not be performed to prevent accidents.


Patients with glaucoma, high myopia, diabetes, or retinal vascular disease should exercise caution because of increased intraocular pressure due to handstand.

  Crawling: A good helper for pregnant women for a long time makes it easy for the human body to induce cerebrovascular disease and spine and lumbar muscle strain.

In particular, moderate crawling in pregnant women can enhance the strength of the abdominal muscles and prevent dystocia. Postpartum crawling is conducive to uterine reduction.

  Reminder: 1.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing when crawling.


You can wear a knee pad for your blood pressure.


Climbing speed should be slow and climbing range should be small, repeat 2-3 times, with an interval of 20-30 seconds.

  Hang upside down: relax your joints with your feet on single, parallel bars, or other fixed shelves, and put it upside down to treat back pain, sciatica, arthritis, etc.

  Reminder: 1.

It is not appropriate to take too long.


Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should not perform this exercise.


People with glaucoma and high myopia should not perform this exercise.

  Walking barefoot: Activate the “second heart” The sole of the foot is the reflection area of many internal organs and is called the “second heart” of humans.

When walking barefoot, the stimulation of the ground and objects on the soles of the feet has a similar massage and massage effect, which can enhance the sensitivity of nerve endings, quickly direct signals to internal dirty organisms and cerebral cortex, and regulate the autonomic nervous system and endocrine system.

  Reminder: 1.

Be careful not to step on sharp objects when walking barefoot.


Take a foot bath with hot water afterwards.
  Hand Run: You can also lay down while running. Hand-centered fitness activities are carried out in various forms, which take little time and do not have strict requirements on the venue.
This can be done on the grass, on the beach or on a mat, but of course on a bed.

This exercise can open all the joints of the entire arm and promote blood circulation.

Achieve fitness effects similar to jogging, and incorporate periarthritis, arthritis and other diseases.

  The specific method is: lying on your back with your arms straight up, moving your fingers, shaking your wrists and elbows, extending your arms, etc. You can also simulate the movement of stepping on a bicycle, but use your arms deliberately to exert force.

Hold for about 2 minutes each time.

  Reminder: 1.

You can imagine a sandbag as your opponent, and make a fist with a punch, 100 punches per punch.


You can take a pillow and throw it into the air as hard as you can, hold it firmly when you fall, and do it vigorously, sticking for about 3 minutes each time.

  Regression: Strengthening cerebellum exercise Modern medical research has confirmed that backward walking can exercise the lumbar spine muscles, quadriceps muscles, and muscles and ligaments around the knee joints, so as to adjust the spine and limb motor functions and promote blood circulation.

Persistent walking for a long time has a good adjuvant treatment effect on waist and leg soreness, cramps, muscle atrophy, and arthritis.

  Reminder: 1.

Be careful not to fall when you take a step back.


Do not turn your head backwards during exercise, otherwise, not only will the exercise effect not be achieved, your cervical spine will not be able to bear it.


Can go back and forth alternately.

  Side walking: The lumbar muscles can prevent the body from changing the center of gravity with the cross feet at any time during the sideways movement. Both hands twist freely according to the pace and pay attention to maintaining a sense of rhythm.

Lateral is good for training the lumbar deltoid and gluteal muscles, strengthening the hips, straightening the cross joints, and improving the balance of the human body.

  Reminder: Play this fun sport with kids.