7 Type Slimming Yoga

If you want to lose weight, you need exercise. Yoga is a good exercise for weight loss.

Today, I will recommend seven weight-loss yoga poses for friends in weight loss. The movements are very simple. You can learn to follow them. You can easily reduce excess meat on your body and become a lady!

  When doing yoga, pay attention to using abdominal breathing, that is, when you inhale, the upper part of the stomach is extended, and then when you exhale, the abdomen contracts inward and the breath is exhausted.

  1. Perfect posture. Bend the upper left corner, the heel is attached to the base of the thigh, then bend the upper right corner to overlap the left leg, the heel against the pubic bone, and the heels on the horizontal line.

Spine straight, eyes closed, hands on top of thighs, palms up.

Breathe evenly.

  2. Sit in perfection + pray with the fingerprints in a perfect sitting position, then bend your elbows with your hands, close your chest and continue breathing evenly.

  3. Twisted sitting position, bend the right knee on the outside of the left leg, and then bend the left knee with the left heel against the shoulder.

Place your right hand directly behind your hips, your left elbow against the outside of your right knee, your palms to the right, and your fingertips up.

When you inhale, straighten your spine, and when you exhale, twist your upper body to the right and back, and keep breathing evenly at the limit.

Then inhale, turn back, exhale, and relax.

Then repeat the action on the other side.

  4. Kneeling posture, reclining posture to the best posture, leaning your body backwards, with your arms separated from your shoulders, and supporting your upper body with your fingertips forward.

  Raise your hips while exhaling, tilt your head back, and touch the ground.

Breathe evenly for a few seconds, then lower your body when exhaling.

  5, half tortoise seated posture, inhale, slightly straighten up against the ears, palm forward, straighten the spine.

When exhaling, your upper body is bent down, your forearms and palms are on the ground, your spine is tilted, your whole body is relaxed, and you keep breathing evenly.

  6, supine, supine, with your hands apart from the body, palms up, legs straight, shoulder width apart, eyes closed, the body appears most natural and relaxed, keep breathing evenly, and slowly feel the air flowing from the headFlow from hand to tibia to abdomen to leg.

  7, cat-like kneeling position, legs open as wide as hips, calves and insteps against the ground, thighs perpendicular to the ground, arms straight, open shoulder width, perpendicular to the ground, spine straight

  Inhale and arch upwards when exhaling, lower your head, look at your thighs, and tighten your chest inward.

  Then inhale and exhale, lower the back, keep the top on the front, lift the head to pull the shoulders, and tilt the head backwards, twisting the spine.

Then relax and return to the kneeling position.