These baby products with safety concerns

Believe it or not, although some baby products are designed for your baby’s safety, some of them are actually potentially dangerous.

  Bath seat danger: The bath seat allows your baby to sit up while taking a bath, but if you walk away and drive, even for a few seconds, your baby may be in danger of flooding.

Because the bottom of the chair is designed with a suction cup, there may be a risk of sudden loosening, and the baby may slide into the water from a fixed place.

  Safety measures: You can consider replacing some plastic bathtubs to help your baby take a bath.

But the most important thing is that when bathing your baby, be sure to be beside your baby. Do not give your baby the opportunity to be alone in the water, even for just a minute.

  Crib fabric guardrails are dangerous: These cushions are fitted with guardrails that prevent the baby’s head from hitting the pillars of the crib guardrail, but at the same time these fabric pillars may be dangerous.

When babies learn to roll over, they may sometimes turn their heads to the side facing these cushions, which may lead to the danger of suffocation.

  Safety measures: These colored cushion guards may make your baby’s bed look beautiful, but it is best not to replace it.

But if you want to replace it, it is best to be able to choose some larger, thinner, ventilated and safe products.

Remove the baby as soon as it starts to turn over.

  Sleep fixation mat is dangerous: This kind of sponge mat is designed to keep the baby in a lying position to sleep to prevent the danger of suffocation, but in fact, this kind of mat sometimes also makes the baby suffocate.

  Safety measures: The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly recommends that parents avoid using this kind of mat, and babies can learn to turn over quickly. After they learn to turn over, the risk of suffocation will be greatly reduced.

  Bed Rails Danger: Bed rails can prevent babies from falling out of bed, but some removable rails can be dangerous.

Some babies may get stuck in the distance between the guardrail and the mattress, causing the risk of suffocation, so many guardrail designs now have to undergo rigorous safety tests.

  Safety measures: When the baby is two years old, use a bedside fence if necessary, and generally use it on a large bed. Try not to use it on a baby bed.

Every night before the baby goes to bed, you should also thoroughly check whether there are cracks between the guardrails and the mattress. If you find them, you must adjust them in time to avoid danger.