[Microwave cooking quick-frozen dumplings _ how to cook microwave dumplings]

Dumplings are a favorite food for many people, but it is also a bit of a hassle to make your own bag.
Fortunately, the existence of quick-frozen dumplings has saved a lot of people from this trouble. They can buy some quick-frozen dumplings in the supermarket and simply enjoy it at home.
When it comes to cooking dumplings, you can cook them quickly in the microwave.
So, what is the specific way to cook quick-frozen dumplings in the microwave?
Let’s take a look below.
How to cook quick-frozen dumplings in the microwave oven The microwave oven can only cook quick-frozen dumplings, and the refrigerator can make quick-frozen dumplings.
Fill a microwave container with half full of water, boil it in a microwave oven (about 4 minutes on high heat), put in an appropriate amount of quick-frozen dumplings, medium high heat for 3 minutes, and then medium heat for 2 minutes.,Began to eat.
The boiled frozen dumplings will not taste delicious. The microwaved dumplings are relatively dry. They are not as delicious as the boiled dumplings. They have a good taste and freshness. They feel like dumplings just wrapped. It is recommended to boil them. Don’t be lazy.
Microwave oven hot food precautions 1, to choose a lunch box suitable for microwave heating, such a lunch box will be marked “applicable microwave oven.”
(1) Plastic lunch boxes are easy to release harmful components when heated, which endangers human health and can cause deformation of lunch boxes.
(2) Metal utensils. One is that metal is a conductor, which can heat itself and it is difficult to heat meals. The other is that metal generates electric sparks and reflects electromagnetic waves when heated, which can damage the microwave oven.
2. Do not heat up overtime.
If the hot dish is not taken out for more than 2 hours in the microwave oven, it is best not to consume it again to prevent poisoning.
3. Cover the lid when heating to prevent the water from evaporating and keep the taste as much as possible.
4. Do not use closed containers. Remember to leave vent holes in the lid. Otherwise, the heat cannot be dissipated and the pressure inside the container will be too high. The steam will lift the lid in the microwave oven.
Similarly, if the shelled eggs are not hot, and the skinned food such as potatoes and sausages must be heated, you must first pierce a few holes with a fork or a knife.
5. When using fresh-keeping film, it is best not to let it directly contact food during the heating process; before removing the food, you can puncture the fresh-keeping film to avoid it sticking to the food.
6. When the soup is heated, take out the soup every one minute and stir it to make the heat even and avoid the soup splashing.
7. Do not stand in front of the microwave oven for a long time. After turning on the microwave oven, people should stay away from the microwave oven or be at least 1 meter away from the microwave oven.
8. The microwave oven should be placed in a dry and ventilated place. Leave a gap of more than 10 cm on the back, top and sides of the stove to maintain a good ventilation environment. At the same time, pay attention to the heat radiation grill on the microwave oven not to be covered by items.