[How to fry noodles is delicious and simple_How to fry noodles is delicious and simple]

Oil noodles are a common dish in our daily life. Many people like to eat oil noodles. They are not only delicious, but also relatively simple. Basically, they can be learned at a time. Fried noodles are a common practice.When you can add some vegetables, meat and other ingredients to add nutrition, at the same time it tastes richer, how can fried noodles taste delicious and simple?

Let ‘s take a look next.


Ingredients: two pieces of oil noodles, two pieces of shiitake mushrooms, two pieces of onion, four virgin fruits, one piece of braised pork, one piece of burdock, one piece of leek, one piece of carrot, one piece of onion, one piece of garlic, one piece of ginger, and one small spoon of June bean paste


step 1.

Sliced shiitake mushrooms, shredded carrots, shredded onions, chopped chives, chopped onion ginger and garlic, cut small pieces of virgin fruit, shredded or sliced meat. I use the ready-made cooked meat directly.You can add whatever you eat.


The water in the pot was boiled and the oil was noodles. I ate it alone, so I used two pieces.

However, although I did n’t eat breakfast and lunch, I still have half of it. I have a very small meal. Normal people should have two pieces.


Slide the noodles with chopsticks and cook for two or three minutes.

After cooking, remove it, preferably with water, so that the roots are separated.


Put the oil in the pot, heat the ginger and garlic, then add the onions, mushrooms, virgin fruit, June incense, and other materials. Then pour the water-controlled noodles into the pot and stir fry, add the appropriate amount of salt, and turnFry evenly.


The last step is not bad. The taste can be according to your own taste. If you like to eat seasonings, the taste is heavy. You can also add chicken essence, soy sauce, and other seasonings for cooking. The outside should be added a lot of seasonings, so it is delicious.

If you make it yourself, you pay attention to light nutrition, so I put salt and added a bit of June incense to taste.

The first time, the taste is okay, but you should not be lazy.


Since the first time, the noodles are a little softer, and they have no energy.

After cooking the noodles, I was lazy, and even the soup was in a blister bowl, and there was no cold water, which caused the noodles to be a little sticky.