Suddenly losing weight and beware of two major diseases

Despite the saying that “there is a lot of money to buy old and thin”, but some experts have recently reminded that if the weight suddenly drops or obviously feels widened, the belt becomes loose, the shoes become bigger, etc., may not be a good sign.

In progress, the experts analyzed several diseases that may be predicted by sudden elimination of diabetes: Diabetes “I have seen such a patient: the weight has dropped by about 10 kilograms in a two-month period, and it has been found that the waistband is getting looser and looser. This is not right.

Go to the hospital and check for type I diabetes.

“Experts’ lectures, the early performance of typical diabetes is polyuria, polydipsia, more food, accompanied by weight loss.

Experts pointed out that this is caused by the lack of sufficient insulin in the patient’s body to fully utilize the glucose in the blood.

“The body always needs energy. If you can’t use glucose, you only need to consume a small amount. Of course, you will lose weight.

Experts said.

  Cancers such as colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc.

Early symptoms of cancer are not obvious, but weight loss is definitely one of them.

Gastrointestinal surgery experts pointed out that in the case of colorectal cancer, it may also be accompanied by painless blood in the stool. People over the age of 50 should be vigilant.

  First, once the tumor is diagnosed, it may be advanced.

Therefore, if you find that your body weight has declined for unknown reasons, or if someone around you says this, you should be vigilant.

“Tumor growth requires nutrition, it will compete with other organs of the body for nutrition, which is easy to lose weight.