[How to steam rose buns]_How to steam_How to steam

There are many people in our lives who like to eat rose buns. In fact, there are endless rose buns. The essence of roses is glorious, and the shape of rose buns is as small and chic as a rose, especially for someFor children who are picky, the shape of the food can attract children’s curiosity and allow the child to eat more food. How can steamed rose buns be steamed?

Rose buns are a dessert made from medicinal rose pollen and flour.

The medicinal rose tastes slightly bitter, and has a mild temperature. The most obvious effects are regulating qi and depressing depression, promoting blood circulation, dispersing stasis, and regulating menstrual pain.

1. Knead the dough that has been made into long strips, then cut into many small doughs, and roll them into round dough pieces in turn. Take five dough pieces and stack them together.

2. Use chopsticks to make a stamp in the middle of the stacked pasta.

Take another small dough and knead it into a round bar. Make both ends thin and thick.

Put the kneaded round bar on the first dough sheet, insert the dough sheet and start rolling.

3. After rolling up all the dough sheets, use your tiger’s mouth to thin the dough from the middle, and then unscrew it from the middle to get two roses.

The first point of the success of rose buns is to press them together with chopsticks to make them stick together, so that it is easier to roll.

2. The size of the small pasta should be as consistent as possible, and the rolled out dough should be evenly thickened, so that the roses will be beautiful.

Method 1. Pour the flour and rose pollen into the basin.

2. Pour an appropriate amount of yeast powder into the bowl and rinse with warm water; pour the washed yeast powder water into the flour.

3. Serving a bowl of warm water, pour into the flour, stir with chopsticks, and stir until there is no dry flour.

4, knead the dough, knead the dough smooth, cover with a clean cloth, put aside the dough; double the size of the original dough, just fine.

5. Take the dough out of the basin, sprinkle some dry flour on the chopping board, knead into long strips, and cut into small pieces; roll the small pieces into round dough pieces.

6. Take five round noodles and place them on top of each other in sequence; use chopsticks to press one in the middle of the noodles.

7. Step on and knead a uniform thin, thick middle dough on one end of the five dough sheets; place the kneaded dough on the first dough sheet, and instead involve the dough to start rolling.

8. Roll all the dough into a dough; use a tiger’s mouth to thin the middle of the dough, then use two hands to unscrew the dough.

9. Two roses are ready.

10. Repeat to finish all the roses.

11. Set aside the roses for 10 minutes, boil the water in the pot, start steaming on the cage, and steam for about 25 minutes.