[Baby Soup Noodles The Most Common Practice]_ 小儿 _How to make

Noodles are one of the staple foods in the north. They are very popular. There are many ways to eat noodles. Noodles can bring sufficient compounds to the human body and also meet the needs of trace elements such as protein.You can eat a small amount of noodles every month. When you make noodle soup for your baby, you can add a small amount of chicken or bone soup. This will make the noodles more fragrant and cook them as much as possible.

When does baby add pasta?

As a staple food, noodles can provide nutrients such as carbohydrates and proteins. When you add complementary food to your baby, you can gradually date.

When to add, homemade or buy, how to choose, how to cook, how to make, how much to eat and so on, so that the mother is very tangled, and see how the baby’s noodles should be eaten.

From the perspective of chemical digestion, wheat and rice can be added after 6 months of age, but you need to pay attention that wheat contains wheat bran, which is a protein, and some babies will be allergic, so the mother should be careful after the baby eats itObserved.

From the perspective of physical digestion, 6-month-old babies have just come into contact with solid foods, and their ability to chew and swallow is limited, so it is recommended to add mud-like complementary foods first. Noodles are more suitable for babies around 7-7 months.

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Make baby noodles or buy them?

Noodles are a kind of fried dough made with wheat flour and water, and then either pressed or rolled into slices and then cut or pressed, or use kneading, pulling, pinching and other means to make strips (or narrow or wide, or flat or round)Or a small piece of food.

Homemade noodles are characterized by their freshness and ease of digestion, but like their own porridge, they are not fortified with nutrients.

At the time of selection, if your baby has iron-fortified other foods, the noodles can be homemade.

If you haven’t eaten other acidic iron foods, you can choose iron-fortified noodles.

Can adult noodle babies eat it?

Some mothers think that they are all noodles. Adults can also feed their babies. There is no need for babies.

Although the country currently has no relevant requirements for children’s noodles, parents need to be reminded that in order to ensure the smoothness of the noodles eaten by adults, alkali and salt are often added to increase the sodium content in noodles, and the baby needs sodium.Small, suffering from excessive burden on the kidneys.

In addition, high-salt foods are likely to cause heavy mouth habits for little children.

In addition, the nutritional composition of adult noodles is single, without nutrients such as fortified iron, so it may not be suitable for babies who are in the period of vigorous development.

Are noodles labeled children suitable for babies?

The answer is not necessarily.

As mentioned earlier, the state has no relevant regulations on children’s noodles, so each enterprise produces according to its own standards, so it is not really suitable for babies to be labeled as children’s noodles.

Moms need to pay attention to the ingredients list and nutrition list, choose nutrients such as fortified iron, and exclude other spices such as salt and sugar, as well as noodles without additives such as artificial colors and flavors.