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Anchovies are very good ingredients. Anchovies are very rich in eating. Many people like to stew to eat. In fact, anchovies also have a conventional way of eating, which is to eat a small amount of cold mixes. The taste is also very good. Let ‘s teach everyone how to cool themDetailed approach.

First, the practice of cold bonito Ingredient details: bonito one ingredient: the right amount of ginger, the right amount of shallots, the right amount of shallots, the right amount of dried green peppers, the right amount of millet.

Excipients: appropriate amount of salt, appropriate amount of sugar, appropriate amount of liquor, appropriate amount of steamed fish stew oil, and appropriate amount of MSG.

Production steps edit 1.

Have all the materials ready.


Dried green peppers are soaked in warm water.


Shallots, ginger slices.


Stuff the chopped ginger and green onions into the fish belly.


Spread a few knives on the spine and marinate for half an hour with white wine and salt.


Chopped shallots and millet peppers.


Cut ginger into chopped ginger with a vegetable cutter.


Add olive oil, monosodium glutamate, salt, sugar, and steamed fish stew.


Marinate the fish on the pot and steam for 6 minutes. Turn off the heat and stuffy for 5 minutes.


Allow the fish to dry for five minutes before pouring in the adjusted sauce.

Second, the practice steps of cold bonito bonito has strong vitality, tender meat, sweet meat, contains a lot of iron, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals, and its nutrients are also very rich, containing protein, trace amounts, vitamin A, B vitaminsWait.

In addition, the protein content of black catfish per 100 grams is as high as 20 grams, which is second only to that of prawns. It is easy to digest and absorb, and regular consumption can enhance resistance.

Plasma and catfish have the medicinal value of strengthening the spleen and dampness, promoting blood circulation and collaterals, and appetizing, warming and invigorating the qi, and have a good nourishing and therapeutic effect on patients with kidney and spleen weakness, edema, ulcer, bronchitis, hypertension, and diabetes; For postpartum women, it can make up for lactation.

In the cold and windy winter, the taste of catfish is especially delicious, so folks say “winter catfish and summer catfish”.

1. Prepare shallots, peppers, garlic, tender ginger, ginger, bean sprouts, and anchovies 2. Wash the anchovies several times and marinate them with salt and cooking wine for ten minutes, then put ginger slices in the fish belly to remove fishy smell.

3. Wash the marinated fish and put it in the steamer to start steaming.

4. The steaming time is about 10 minutes. In the process, you can prepare the seasoning, cut the onion ginger garlic millet pepper into diced, wash the bean sprouts for later use!

5. After the fish is steamed, pick up the fish. Note: Do not pour the original juice of the fish. You can put half of it in the ingredients and use the remaining to cook bean sprouts.

6, the bean sprouts are cooked, can be put together with the fish, and finally drizzled with the seasoning.

You can also keep them together, add three after eating the fish, and cook the anchovies 1, cook the anchovies for about 5 minutes, add pepper, ginger, green onions, cooking wine, salt (add more until theI feel the water is a bit salty) 2. Put the fish on the plate and sprinkle with scallion, cilantro, and peanuts (this time there is no peanuts in the house, I usually use the Huang Feihong with pepper and peppercorns, crushed slightly with a rolling pin) 3, Millet pepper, ginger and garlic chopped, add sugar, vinegar, peppercorn powder, a little soy sauce, salt seasoning, chicken essence seasoning (don’t put it if you don’t eat), rinse with boiling water.

4. Pour the prepared sauce on the fish, soak it for a while, and brake it to taste.

5. Don’t rush to eat, you can turn over and dip.